• Fraud Findings  by Art Stewart
    Fraud Findings-thumbnail 
    Whistleblowing in Action

    The discovery of wrongdoing in a city government demonstrates the benefits of encouraging individuals to report fraud and corruption.

  • Eye on Business (New Department) 
    The Threat of Attack

    As attackers become increasingly sophisticated, organizations must be prepared to address cyberrisks.

  • Blog by Norman Marks
    Time for Internal Audit to Graduate

    The internal audit function should not limit itself to the remit of the audit committee, but should be concerned with risks that are overseen by other committees or the full board.

  • ITAudit  by Syed Salman
    Are Auditors Taking IT Governance Seriously?

    Strong IT governance practices can reduce IT costs and risks, yet internal auditors often ignore this area. Auditors need to overcome the excuses that prevent them from auditing IT governance.

  • Update Q&A with Jeanette Franzel
    A Perfect Storm

    PCAOB Board Member Jeanette Franzel shares her personal views on internal audit’s role in financial reporting and implementation of COSO 2013.

  • Blog by Mike Jacka
    A Quick Note About Creativity and Reading - Where Did This Audit Go Wrong?

    When you limit your inputs to strictly business and audit, then you limit the opportunities for new ideas.

  • Online Exclusive by Tim McCollum
    Best Practice in Silicon Valley

    Audit chiefs at leading tech firms collaborate with industry peers and organizational clients to help stay on top of their game.

  • In the Profession  

    What Can Auditors Do About Data Breaches?; Tools for IT Governance Assurance; Audit in a Digital Business World; Technology for Internal Auditors; and Aligning Risk IT Spending.

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